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About Revere Technologies

Revere Technologies is a leading information security services & solutions provider in Sub-Saharan Africa at large enabling customers to protect their critical information and infrastructure through a prudent combination of people, process and technology. With a unique business model, strong values and philosophy, combined with trained, certified and highly experienced workforce, Revere Technologies delivers deep insight and value to customers seeking a partner they can trust and consult.

With our customer-centric approach we are motivated to provide our customers with specially tailored services providing protection against external as well as internal threats and reduce business risk to improve security posture, achieve regulatory compliance and increase efficiency.

Technology trends such as Cloud Computing, Digitization, Internet of Thing, Collaboration, and Externalization are redefining the way in which an enterprise needs to look at information security. In the current scenario, perimeters are non-existent and traditional approaches adopted for data security services are no longer sufficient. With cyber-attacks growing exponentially, enterprises are rushing to find the best way to reduce risks and limit the impact of breaches. The major challenges being faced by enterprises today are defending and protecting assets, detecting and stopping threats, identifying, managing accessing, and ensuring compliance.

Our “Information Security Services & Solutions” helps our customers move from a “Static” to a “Dynamic” posture to deal with an ever-escalating threat landscape, offering full spectrum of services and solutions.

Our Roots

Our Values

Our Mission

To provide our clients secure computing through existing and emerging security technologies for the continued business process while ensuring confidentiality, integrity, and availability.

Our Vision

To be the best employer of choice and the partner of choice with trust, transparency, flexibility and value to our employees and customers.

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If you’re interested in our comprehensive cyber Security services & solutions that minimize risk with the minimum costs, an on demand cyber security consultant is the best way to start.

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